We manufacture and supply a vast range of structural Z and C purlins and girts for industrial purposes. These area unit extensively utilized in places that have a selected would like for durable, sturdy steel framing-such as in buildings, verandahs, garages, sheds, etc. The manufacturing is done using high-quality galvanized steel, thus lending great tensile strength as well as a significant degree of flexibility in terms of design options. Our Z & C purlins can be made available both in plain as well as punched ranges. They are widely available in varying web height and thickness combinations, from 75mm going all the way up to 400 mm. These purlins are crisp, clean and square and high-precision. Rounded corners, inaccurate lengths, or out of square purlins simply do not get manufactured at Seltech, thereby guaranteeing you a high-quality product at all times.

We also provide our services in Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh.

Depth (mm) Thickness (mm) Area (cm2) Lxx (cm4) Zxx (cm3) Zyy (cm3) Top of Flange Bottom of Flange
230 1.75 6.623 503.11 44.36 7.37 66 64
230 2.00 7.53 568.91 48.79 8.27 66 64
230 2.30 8.60 645.89 55.39 9.28 66 64
Depth (mm) Thickness (mm) Gross IX (cm4) Gross Sx (cm3) EFF. Sx (cm4) Rx (cm) Ly (cm4) Min Sy cm3 Ry (cm)
230 2.00 491.7 49.17 41.45 7.86 73.37 12.12 3.07
230 2.00 7.53 568.91 48.79 8.27 66 64 64

Our products are known for some key attributes, such as their high strength alongside relatively low weight, low maintenance and long service life. At Seltech, our delivery time is at par with the best in the industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment and world-class infrastructure allows lightning-fast production schedules, besides affording a much greater level of flexibility than others to meet your individual needs. We have a sophisticated bridging system, that has distinctive speed likewise as easy, easy-installation options. this is true even in troublesome tract and atmospheric condition. As a result, this bridging system may be a useful gizmo for price and time improvement. Our competitively priced product vary makes it rather simple for you to form AN educated call. motor-assisted by our fully fledged technical team, you're able to measure and sift through choices taking into thought your monetary fund and delivery needs. The Seltech engineering team conducts extensive testing on the Z & C purlins, girts, and also on the bridging system. International compliance standards of testing and design principles are applied, meaning our products are best-in-class in terms of strength and structural efficiency.

Z and C Purlin Manufacturers